c2m hour – become ambassador of mattering

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•Participants will engage in authentic, passion-based learning and become self-aware, empathetic, empowered, collaborative, innovative, passionate agents of social change.
• The course takes six seat hours; it includes activities and group discussion that extend the learning for a full course or a full year. An email newsletter and online forums provide substantial follow-up to ensure the lessons are fully adopted in your school.
• The course is an excellent choice for professional development days, and would utterly transform college students and aspiring teachers.


At the National Academy of Sciences, President Barack Obama said: “The call and need of a new era is for greatness. It’s for fulfillment, passionate execution and significant contribution. Students can rise up to the challenge and do amazing work. They can do genius work!”

Is your school a place for invention, innovation and amazing, genius work?
This course takes you and your students on a journey to make it so.

In the first set of lessons, we begin the brave journey of living up to our genius. • The next set focuses on how to explore what makes us come alive.
• Set three discusses ways in which we let others know they matter.
• The fourth explores how to solve problems by leveraging collective genius.
To help you implement this course in your classroom, we include:
• A video-based module for you to share directly with your students • A Classroom Implementation Guide
• Follow-up through a newsletter and private social media group.

Copy module titles from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rdvCpO-OzbHSE7wneJZPfNOe8UuI47gF2v25dbhO_Oo/edit

  • Accepting Your Genius
  • Uncovering Your Genius
  • Accelerating Your Genius
  • Noticing Genius In Your Presence
  • Noting Genius In Your Presence
  • Personal Brand Statement
  • Who’s on your dream team?
  • Mapping Your Heartbreak

Our Learning and Innovation Framework

In addition to this life changing experience, we have added a unique and groundbreaking curriculum to sustain the learning and innovation that was sparked during the two and a half days of collaborative change-making.
Our year-long educational program engages and empowers young people to become compassionate leaders and active citizens who own and use their genius to make their lives and the lives of others more extraordinary.
Every lesson and exercise in the resource is structured to provide four key learning outcomes:
increased academic and personal agency
improved readiness for university and workplace success
commitment to service and active citizenship
fluency and competence in new technology platforms and application
The educational foundation for the resources we provide are all grounded in sound current pedagogical theories and reflect a synthesis of passion based learning, 21st-century learning dispositions and neuroscience.
Whether you are a teacher, student leader or school administrator, the Genius Matters Self Paced Course and connected resources will be an invaluable reference tool and support framework to enhance your curriculum and school goals.


Choose2Matter is a universal movement that challenges students to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to social problems. Students tackle authentic real world problems and learn the skills needed to compete in today’s world.

Our team regularly conducts Choose2Matter LIVE events in schools. These events build skills in leadership, problem-solving, digital literacy, and much more.

• A self-paced, online professional course for educators that takes about 8 hours to complete. It includes an implementation guide and classroom-ready materials for students. Watch the launch video.
• A “Genius Notebook” encourages reflection, so that learning becomes wisdom. Group activities make the Course ideally suited for use on a professional development day or a student retreat.
• The course proactively addresses the root cause of bullying, self-harm, substance abuse, and disengagement: the feeling that we don’t matter.
• The student materials easily integrate with student-centered learning programs such as Genius Hour, Student Advisory, and Capstone Projects already in place in many schools. It changes the focus of them away from presenting a year-end project and towards developing a lifelong calling.
• Educators will change the way they view their students, and themselves, and their respective place in the world. They will learn to intentionally notice, value and honor students for who they are now.
• Students will learn to become the self-aware, empowered, empathetic, collaborative, innovative and passionate citizens this world needs.