“Mattering provides students with a “strong foundation of self-efficacy and self- confidence from which they have found a sense of purpose and an enduring sense of intrinsic motivation and drive for continued school engagement and academic success.” – American School Counselor Association

“Mattering to others is an existentially reassuring awareness, and failing to matter is terrifying. Mattering is a basic component of social integration.” – Family Matters: The Importance of Mattering to Family in Adolescence

“Teenagers given responsibilities that are relevant to their world had higher test scores and fewer behavioral problems than those who did not. Dropout and pregnancy rates among such teens also dropped by at least half.” – UVa Magazine

McKinsey report: employees rate praise from managers as a more effective motivator vs performance-based cash bonuses by 7%:

Globoforce/SHRM employee survey found peer-to-peer recognition was 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than recognition from only the manager.


Gallup research found that when employees don’t feel recognised, they are twice as likely to admit they are planning to leave a company in the next twelve months

“Everyone the world over asks the same question: ‘Do I matter?’
They want to know, ‘Does what I do have meaning to others? To myself? Am I worthy? If you come to believe you’re worthy, your entire life shifts. Change that fundamental belief and you change your world, and the world at large.” – Maria Shriver
The One Question on Everyone’s Mind Igniting Architects of Change, April 30, 2017

“Technological change is stirring an existential fear. that is stoking the wildfires in politics and society.
When we’re reminded that
we matter, things get better.
We’re more likely to act as good citizens, to be our best selves. We’re more likely to actually solve problems. This is key to saving democracy and solving our biggest problems. ”
– Eli Parisier
Dominican University Commencement May 14, 2016


“As a society, we owe our children safety, support, opportunity and a way forward.
We can start by showing children they matter.
It’s the answer to a vital question that all children and adolescents ask about their place in the world: Do I make a difference to others? When the answer is no, kids feel rejected and alone. They become prone to self-destructive, antisocial behaviors. Others withdraw. ”
– Sheryl Sandberg
“How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss” The New York Times, April 24, 2017


“Recognition Culture”
“Since launch last May, 520,000 moments of recognition have been made across all countries and global career levels in our organisation – that’s a moment every minute since launch! For me, it’s testament to the fact that appreciating and recognising our colleagues’ meaningful contributions, and in turn being appreciated and recognised for our own, is a fundamental part of our culture and how we deliver for patients.”
– Rebekah Martin
SVP Reward and Inclusion at AstraZeneca, 75k people

Creating a ‘recognition culture’ among 75,000 people swipe