Join the Movement of Mattering

Inspired by the millions touched by Angela Maiers, founder of Choose2Matter, the Movement of Mattering has already swept across the globe, challenging us to make “mattering” a way of life and continuously fueled by people just like you.

Our Thoughts on Partners

We look for organizations whose hearts are aligned with ours. They are places where people matter at every level and where innovation is central to who they are. We have found that in these firms and individuals who wholeheartedly want to change the world. They are invested in transformation. They are our kind of organizations. They are our partners.


How companies can become a part of Choose2Matter:

When people know that their contributions count, they feel valued and appreciated!

Unfortunately, disengagement runs rampant amongst employees: “The percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were ‘not engaged,’ while another 17.2% were ‘actively disengaged.’”

This $11B annual loss for companies can be rectified with two words: YOU MATTER.

Tell your employees they matter, they have influence, they are a genius, they have a contribution to make, they have a gift that others need, they are the change, their actions define their impact, tell them #YouMatter! Provide them an opportunity to live out their genius and be part of a strong corporate community. You can even send them a Mattergram!

It sounds so simple and yet companies struggle to communicate this message clearly and effectively.

That’s where Angela Maiers, Founder of Choose2Matter, comes in. Angela’s “genius” is helping people of all ages and situations recognize their own geniuses and work together to help address challenges as a community. She has rallied over a million people already to support the #YouMatter Manifesto and her simple message of #YouMatter has spread across the globe.

Angela can help your organization come together as a collective group of empowered individuals who band together to address their community’s needs, the company’s needs and most importantly, their individual need of understanding and accepting that they matter to you!

Ready for a little inspiration? Have a look at this following article: Every Workplace Needs a #YouMatter Cart.

Please contact us so we can help you create a custom program for your company:


How students and parents can become a part of Choose2Matter:

Please email us at to sign up to be a volunteer – no major commitment required! Whether you have a number of hours per week or time over the summer or five hours in “one shot,” we can put your genius to good use to help us grow the Choose2Matter movement!

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Why Sponsors, Donors, and Partners Are Interested

Choose2Matter provides a unique opportunity to align with a movement that the younger generations identify with.

The success of your company is dependent in part on how well you connect with young people – your future customers and employees. Angela Maiers has mastered the art of engaging the next generation of leaders and workers. She believes in them and fights fiercely for their voices to be heard. Because of her authentic voice and sincere efforts, students believe in her, support Choose2Matter, and bravely contribute their genius to the world.

Because each organization has its own reasons for partnering with Choose2Matter and offers something unique to the movement, we invite a discussion to help understand your mission, vision, and objectives. We will then tailor a partnership proposal that reflects and respects your unique contribution and objective.

Programs may include sponsoring or supporting our live events, a particular community, publications, videos, information, and community platforms, an in-person visit by Angela Maiers, and participation in Twitter chats and other social media or virtual events.