“If you can come to believe you’re worthy, then your entire life shifts. Change your mind about that fundamental belief, and you can change your world and the world at large.”

– Maria Shriver

Kids matter

Choose2Matter has helped 1MM kids around the world already and is experiencing explosive growth as the kids are now driving the mission. We focus on empowering these kids to unleash their genius in as little as one hour!

We provide leadership skills that are the same skills found in the most successful executives who practice transformational leadership. These kids develop confidence, a sense of agency, autonomy, and authenticity which has moved forward local and global change:

  • Launched 156 social enterprises
  • Passed 17 laws in 60 countries
  • 600 self-nominated kid ambassadors
  • Countless genius squads improving the world

Teachers matter

Choose2Matter is in 60,000 classrooms in 100 countries.

We provide the tools and support that teachers crave to help them better engage their students and feel like they matter.

The teachers that participate in the Choose2Matter program report:

  • Test scores up by 5x
  • Student attendance up
  • Discipline needs down
  • A new culture in the classroom of mattering
  • Innovation brewing across all domains

Parents matter

Choose2Matter has helped 500,000 parents feel like they matter so they become more engaged with their childrens’ lives, which is instrumental to their success.

We provide tools and support to help them embrace their worth and get involved.

The parents that participate in the program report:

  • A greater sense of worthiness and empowerment
  • Better ability to navigate uncertainty
  • Greater attendance in school functions
  • Improved parent literacy

Communities matter

Choose2Matter has helped kids, parents, businesses, and educators unite to create a cultural shift in their communities.

McAllen, Texas: 29 students led an initiative to make their town a better place to live by enrolling their community in mattering.

In January 2016, Jim Darling, the city’s mayor, declared McAllen the first official Choose2Matter city and is supporting an initiative for local businesses to connect and mentor students from third to twelfth grade in student-led passion projects.

Employees matter

Choose2Matter has helped thousands of businesses and organizations to support their employee engagement efforts, and we’re just getting started.


  • Organization adoption of a new culture of mattering
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction and retention
  • Reduction in costs by working together to solve problems
  • Companies rebranding around mattering