Testimonials for Choose2Matter

We presented the Choose2Matter message at conferences, school districts, and in communities for five years. Here are some of the reactions:

“Choose2Matter helped my team learn important things about each other we never knew. We also used it as a chance to remind each other what’s special about each of us.” – Lead Teacher, Lovejoy High School

“I’ve been trying to find the right words to capture the energy, the passion, the enthusiasm, the positivity of the first professional development day in a long time that actually mattered. The takeaways of our staff have been incredible. The effects of the Choose2Matter message have transcended the high school auditorium.” – Steve Figurelli, Edison Township School District

“Your message inspired me to facilitate a groundbreaking activity with colleagues and to look deep inside and see my value to the world, to see how much I matter. It made me a stronger, better person. Thank you.” – Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“Choose2Matter changed the way I see the world. It’s made me a global citizen and shown me that we are stronger when we work together.” – Grace Miner, Student, East Greenwich High School

“I can’t remember a beginning of the school year with a more positive tone….I saw more examples of students working with each other to build a learning community than I can ever remember. Our commitment to excellence requires us to focus on what matters: relationships between parents, faculty, staff, community and, of course, with our students.” – Michael Poore, former Superintendent, Bentonville, AR

“Choose2Matter empowers young people to use their voices, individually and collectively, to solve problems and spark social change locally, nationally and even globally. The challenges and opportunities we face today will be inherited by students, and their involvement in solving problems now will better position us to achieve meaningful, sustainable solutions. The insight and personal growth they achieve through Choose2Matter will benefit them for many years to come.” – Jim Langevin, U.S. Congressman, District of Rhode Island

“Test scores really don’t matter in the long run for the kids, but what does matter is that they find something that they’re passionate about that can help others. You can’t put a price tag on it. As a Principal, I’m very proud that my students participate in Choose2Matter.” – Art Campbell, Headmaster, Downingtown STEM Academy

“So much of what kids learn is ‘this is going to be relevant when you become a chemist, when you become a police officer. When. When. But Choose2Matter takes that ‘when’ and makes it ‘now’.” – Michael Podraza, Principal, East Greenwich High School

“Choose2Matter helped my team learn important things about each other we never knew. We used it as a chance to remind each other what’s special about each of us.” – Teacher, Lovejoy High School

“Something remarkable Thursday in Estherville that will no doubt influence ELC students for the rest of their lives. Empowerment is giving power to others, and tools to change their lives and the lives of others. It’s thinking outside the box, above offering a unique perspective. We should all try thinking that way. It just might help us solve the world’s problems.” – Estherville Daily News


Testimonials for the course

“The lessons in the Choose2Matter course furnish outstanding insight and advice on how I can model and encourage bravery, vulnerability, curiosity, risk-taking, problem-solving, and persistence. Students have responded in kind, demonstrating these traits in our work together. The exercises in the course have helped me slow down, and become more intentional about my interactions with my students, my family, my colleagues, and others. I find myself being truly present, and listening to what they are saying, verbally and non-verbally.” – Kelli Etheredge, Director of Teaching and Learning Resources, St. Paul’s Episcopal School

“This course has helped shape my philosophy of teaching. I want to be the teacher that kids remember as the one who took the time to understand them, to listen to them, to invest in them, and to cheer them on when they did great and helped them when they needed it.”

“This course will help me lay the foundation of a great human being before I worry about content.”

“I have made a more conscious effort to notice, value and honor my students consistently. I hear students making comments to each other, and see the looks on their faces that tell me this really matters to them.”

“I now realize I need to focus more on seeing my students for who they are, and listening more closely to what they have to say. I want my students to realize that I value what they have to say and that I see them as individuals.”

“These strategies will allow me to be more present and joyful in my interactions. In a classroom, or with my team, I expect people will feel more appreciated and I will not be as dismissive of my own power and influence.”