East Greenwich High School has hosted two Choose2Matter LIVE events, with many remarkable results. These are just a few of them:

  • Two students had ideas for enhancing the security of schools. Through Choose2Matter, they met Michelle Gay, the founder of Safe and Sound Schools, an organization of parents who lost children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In this video, Michelle and one of the students discuss how the collaboration has had profound mutual benefits.
  • A young woman appeared on RI NPR with this audio essay to discuss her efforts to help girls develop positive body images.
  • A group of students decried the lack of effective financial literacy courses, because older siblings were struggling with debt. The State Commissioner of Education worked with them to create and adopt new standards.
  • At the beginning of a LIVE event, a 9th grade girl who fought cancer as a toddler spoke haltingly about her plan to bring awareness to children with cancer. By the end, she had a full team, a bold plan to pair hospitalized children with buddies, and a fierce determination to make it happen.