Choose2Matter exists to liberate the genius of all.

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How It Works


Accept that you matter and that your actions count.


Do the people you see each day know they matter to you? Start now. Inspire many.


It's time to act. Ask yourself: What breaks your heart about the world? What are WE going to do about it?

Hear from our Community

  • t1testimonial-three

    “For two days, the entire student body worked in tandem with local, state, and national leaders to develop innovative and empathetic solutions to social problems. We felt a sense of relief and solidarity. It was a transformative experience as we set aside our own insecurities and misconceptions and supported one another as we worked towards finding a solution . . . It turns out high school is a perfect place to start a revolution. In fact, every high school should start one.”

  • testimonial-one

    “Tonight I realized that I had to regain my passion. While searching ‘How to change the world,’ I came across your Ted Talk and I was moved to tears. Choose2Matter is an absolutely fantastic idea for today's youth. Thank you for reminding me the root of my passion, and for giving me hope and motivation. Keep doing amazing things for the world. Thank you for allowing me to try to do the same.”

  • testimonial-four

    "I told my students, 'You matter. You are important. No matter what I value you. You are unique. There are a million stars out there and in all that vastness, there is only one you. You are a genius in one way or another. You may not know what that is yet, but that’s okay. You’ll discover it. You have something to share with the world and I’m happy about that. I’m glad I get to come here and be with you guys. It brings a smile on my face.' You would have thought they had all won the lottery. The change was near instantaneous. The entire class was smiling and looking brighter and better. I was upbeat, my attitude was improved and felt like I was on cloud nine. Throughout the day every class reacted in similar fashion almost. Some students told me they had never been told that."

  • testimonial-two

    “Something remarkable happened Thursday in Estherville….[it] will no doubt influence a lot of ELC students for a very long time - some for the rest of their lives. Empowerment means giving power to others, giving them the tools to change their lives and the lives of others - and just about always, for the better. It's a way of thinking that's outside the box, above the milling crowd, if you will, offering a unique perspective. Maybe we should all try thinking that way. It just might help us solve the world's problems.”

  • testimonial-five

    “Thank y’all so much for coming to my school. It meant the world to me. I do believe we can change the world. I cried today because how grateful I was for y’all to come. Y’all saved my life to be honest because I felt like no one was there for me or I didn’t matter to the world. Then you showed up and showed me I do matter. I realized suicide isn’t the answer, so thank you. Yes I have my tiger stripes but I’m going to win this battle thanks to you :)”