Our Story

As a young teacher, Angela Maiers had an epiphany: people need to matter. They need to be noticed, valued, and honored. Significance is even more important than success.

Ever since, the “You Matter” message has been changing hearts, minds, and lives. In a June 2011 talk at TEDxDesMoines titled “You Matter,” Angela spoke of how these two words can change minds and change lives, if we understand them and leverage them in the right way:

This talk has been viewed half a million times and ignited a global movement. People reacted powerfully to this call to action, undertaking awe-inspiring quests to address problems in our world. Choose2Matter is a universal movement that was created in response to this breathtaking reaction. It is a call to action that invites people to make “mattering” a way of life.

When people accept that they matter and that their actions count, lives and learning, and OUR world, change.

What is Choose2Matter?

Choose2Matter is a universal movement that challenges us to make “mattering” a way of life. When people accept that they matter and that their actions count, lives, learning change and our world changes. Choose2Matter challenges people in these three ways:

  • To ACCEPT that You Matter and that your actions count;
  • To ACCELERATE the message that everyone matters;
  • To ACT by leveraging collective genius to solve problems that break your heart.

“You matter” is not a compliment. It is a call to action. You can accept that you matter and choose to share your genius with the world. And you can do it today. But even more than that, you have the opportunity—and the obligation—to notice the genius in others and to tell them that you noticed and why it matters.

Because nothing will give you more courage and inspiration and initiative to take big, important, audacious actions than knowing that you can help others know their significance. So change a heart. Change a mind. Change a world today.

Accept – Accelerate – Act

Choose2Matter’s Liberating Genius framework challenges people in these three ways:


  1. Accept that you matter and that your actions count.
  2. Do people know they matter to you? Start now. Inspire many.
  3. What breaks your heart? What are WE going to do about it

Our Founder

Educator. Entrepreneur. Leader. Disruptor. Visionary. Angela Maiers embodies each of these with passion, commitment and fierce determination. She has been leading change in education and enterprise for 28 years, teaching every level of school from kindergarten to graduate school and consulting with companies around the world. Angela helps people understand the transformative power of technology. Her powerful message and down-to-earth style has made her a highly sought-after keynote speaker for education conferences, corporate events and innovation summits. Angela has authored six books and her “You Matter” talk at TEDxDesMoines has been viewed several hundred thousand times. Angela is an alumna of The University of Iowa, with a B.A. in Education and M.A. in Educational Supervision and Reading.

Director of Higher Ed Engagement

Courtney V. Collins is a doctoral student at University of Denver, with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. She also is a graduate research assistant at the Marsico and Kennedy Institute, studying the efficacy of learning trajectories in Early Childhood Mathematics. She collaborates with other educators to develop curriculum that drives deep and divergent thinking. Courtney has taught in elementary and middle school classrooms for 13 years, starting in New York City public schools, followed by Miami, Venezuela, Japan and Denver. Courtney holds a Masters of Science in Literacy and Reading from Fordham University.

Our Thoughts on Partners

We look for organizations whose hearts aligned with ours. They are places where people matter at every level and where innovation is central to who they are. We have found it in these firms and individuals who wholeheartedly want to change the world. They are invested in transformation. They are our kind of organizations. They are our partners.